Archives for the month of: October, 2011

I have being sewing repeated images into  pieces of canvas which I painted and have being overlapping them to give a slight distorted feel to them.  For the first piece of canvas I have sewn crows using black thread and varied the size of them. In the second piece I used coloured threads which brightens up the work. I have also shown the back of the canvas displaying the threads as I find this interesting also and makes me think of quick rough sketches of the flower. I like the contrast  between the mixed media background and embrodiery on top.


Encaustic art involves using heated beeswax and colour pigments which is then manipulated with tools to create an image. Other materials can be added and collaged togther creating multiple layers to the work.

I am intersted in using this process and I plan on finding out more information to inform my work. I have already used wax in my previous work however this only created a thin layer wax which I made patterns from using an iron.

I love the work of Susan Najarian her work consists of  Encaustic paintings made  from photograhs and drawings which she works into and covers in beeswax. (her work is shown in my inspiration page at the top)


I have being working with glue and inks making collages by adding newspaper and other clippings to the work. This gives an interesting result as there are multiple layers created however I feel like there is something  missing. I think this work needs more structure…  

I have took inspiration from Inge Jacobsen’s work and I have started to sew into my own found images. For the first image i have stuck to the oringal image and haven’t really altered much apart from the colour of her hat. i just wanted to see what the overall effect would look like after i had sewn into her outfit. In the second image i have sewn around the dress and added a flower over the top of the image.


I have started off by drawing and collaging images together using ink on acetate and sewing into photographs. My intial plan was to add drawings to patterned paintings as I don’t really use imagery within my work and therefore I wanted to try something new. 


On a piece of canvas I have  started using embroidery instead of painting the images on as it gives the piece a more subtle and delicate feel to it.


I am interested in collaging as I like the way you can overlap and place different backgrounds behind the images  and add elements to give a new approach and meaning to the work.

I am interested in patterns as they can take many forms and can be found throughout nature and society. These patterns are interesting because they vary so much, some are large and noticeable yet others are more subtle and overlooked.

Previously I looked at naturally occuring patterns such as decay which then led to an interst in patterns which people would ingore such as mould and stains.

My Exhibtion piece from last year (as shown below) was created using glue and inks and acylic paint, I like using using this medium as its very versatile and you can mix colours easily and create various patterns even on a large scale. I plan to continue using this media through my work.