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Image transfer and  acrylic paint on a wooden board.

A false memory is a memory which is a distortion of an actual experience or even a mixture of an imagined one.  Here I have combined fragments of two photographs layered on top of each other to show the confusion when trying to remember something and the details become merged into one.


Acrylic paint and embroidery on canvas.

The nostalgia with the simple act of sewing in particular resonates for artist and viewer alike. It reminds us of the past when time did not seem so rushed, the quiet domestic task is somehow both productive and comforting.

All things tend to become faded and lose their details when they are forgotten. Here I have been experimenting by photographing my acetate images in a different environment in nature as if they have been discarded.

The jar acts like a photo frame whereas the oil preserves the photograph and gives it an aged glowing effect. Our memories are our eternal possessions that we try to hold onto and cherish forever.

Photographs have the ability to construct our identity in terms of history and narrative. In this piece I have transferred a collection of my childhood photographs together and used embroidery to capture moments in time using lyrics by Taylor Swift as they are relatable and inspiring to me. Within this piece there is also a contrast between the processes used in terms of  the quickness of the image transfer and the slowness of embroidery. I am attracted to the tangible nature of the fabric and choose canvas because of its neutral colour. For me, photography is a way of communicating an emotion, a story, a feeling, a snapshot of a moment that you can look back on in years to come and instantly be transported back to that place or time.


I am currently working on a large canvas (76cm by 119 cm) which is a lot  bigger than my usual scale. At the moment I have covered the surface with black and white photographs using image transfer techniques. I have started to use embroidery and plan on adding possible areas of colour to the work.


acrylic paint and embroidery on canvas.

I used acetate to transfer the image on to the canvas. I found what was left on the acetate really captivating with the random patches of colour showing through. At the moment I am interested in collages and image transfer techniques.


Embroidery on canvas.

Embroidery on Canvas.

Embroidery on Paper