Painting and wallpaper on wooden board.




Colour plays an important role in how we perceive the world around us. So I wanted focus on the simplicity of using just black and white within theses images. Without colour, other elements of the photograph take on a bigger role in telling the story. In the first three photographs the identity is relatively unrecognisable therefore the objects such as the push chair and cot represent the main focal point in remembering my childhood.

Embroidery on canvas.

Image transfer and embroidery on canvas.


Reflecting on my childhood I have been looking through old family photographs. The photographs are tangible memories and its often hard to recognise yourself and your surroundings. The memories we have are fragmented, selective, and faded almost like trying to remember parts of a dream. These images were created by printing on acetate and in the the process have become distorted.

This is another encaustic painting, it is built up with image transfers covering the surface. I’m not happy with the overall composition of  piece as it looks unorganised however this fits in with childhood memory as it is often fragmented.

In my current work I am exploring the way that we build and recreate our personal memories, particularly of childhood. This encaustic painting is built up with layers of wax and colour pigment which shows how memory is often blurred between real life and our imagination as we try to rediscover the past.

These are my first attempts at using a sewing machine to draw portraits. I need to keep practising using the sewing machine in order to get a more realistic drawing especially the small detailed parts, however I like the child like quality of theses pieces with the messy threads and mistakes which build up the overall image.