I have been thinking about the materials I use and the messages and ideas that I want to come across within my work as I’m not sure if my work is clear enough for people to understand what it  is all about. However, I still like my work to be open to the interpretation of  the viewer. I have come to realised that materials and surfaces I choose to use such as glue, inks and embroidery have a fragile and delicate nature to them. I also seem to dull down any bright colours I use with Black or brown ink giving them a hazy worn down appearance maybe this is a reference to my outlook on life and how I see the world as I’m not really an optimistic person. The images I have represented in my work have personal meanings and memories behind them and I take inspiration from everyday life. I am constantly motivated by patterns I see in nature and society which take many abstracted forms and shapes within my work. I plan to start a painting on canvas which will combine and fragment my ideas together. For me I am interested in the processes in involved in creating a piece of work for instance the use of gestural mark making, layering elements, sewing into the canvas, and the materials I use are just as important as the final outcome. I’m aware that the imagery I use may seem random and have different meanings to other people therefore triggering different thoughts, I need to decided whether I want my work to be left open to the imagination of the viewer or whether my work needs some sort of narrative.