Today I exhibited some of my work in the Shaun Project Space along side the work of Sara Punshon and Julie Norman. Our Exhibition is called “Something Small” as for many of the pieces to see the detail you had to get up close to view the art work on display. We decided to mix our work rather than having a wall each to display our work as collectively the colours and pieces of work worked well together and they are all delicate pieces also.

My work explores the use of imagery, patterns and mixed media and the processes involved in creating a piece of work such as embroidery and collaging to layer and overlap elements in order to give a new approach and meaning to the work.

I decided to hang my canvas pieces on a string like a washing line so that the work could be viewed from the front and back so you could see the threads on the back which I find just as interesting as the front. I hung the two smaller pieces of canvas the wrong way around so you could see the back when you first walked in so you had to take more notice and walk round too see the front.  I also exhibited four photographs and two magazine clippings which I had sewn into. As well as a glue and ink piece of work and collage displayed on the wall.